Julies CoffeeTea

Julies CoffeeTea

Alameda, CA / Julie's coffee & tea garden, a place to gather for organic drinks, eats, plants, art, music and community! JuliesTea.com Julie's coffee & Tea Garden, Alameda, C
Julies CoffeeTea
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Bracelets made from vintage earrings.

Vintage White Wedding & Gold Rhinestone Bridal Bracelet, Heirloom Floral Cluster Earring Bracelet OOAK-I have TONS of old costume jewelry that don't have pairs, etc.this is really neat. Links to crafts to do with them!

Decoupaging with lace tutorial.

Decorating with lace Make your flower pots pretty with this amazing idea. Simple colourful pots can be bought from IKEA to add colour to your home. Lace can also be used to decorate Christmas orbs and photo frames !

Mixy Matchy - Mandy Pattullo

MANDY PATTULLO MANDY green wool skirt====PATTULLO:: "This piece was made in 2008 and kick started my whole interest in what I call my "Thread and Thrift" approach to textiles.