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These Pictures Will Show You What True Love Is

Love is in Small Things: Artist “Puuung” captures those little moments that make love whole in these heartwarming illustrations. Ah, o Amor, sempre o Amor.


"I wanted to kiss you" by Puuung. "Your hair was tickling my face. And we kissed for a while.

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계단에서(On the Stairs) by 퍼엉 on

On the Stairs. Love Is series by Korean artist 퍼엉(Puuung)

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자전거(Bicycle) by 퍼엉 on

Artists Illustrations Remind Us Love Is The Little Things. Korean artist Puuung captures this in illustrations for the "Love is.

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친구들이 놀러 왔어요(Friends Have Come Over) by 퍼엉 on

Friends have come over - our quiet space for two has become lively with friendly chatter.

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무서운 이야기(Scary Story) by 퍼엉 on

Late at night. We turned the lights off and you told me a scary story. "… and a ghost appeared right behind him! It's not scary at all! You're not good at telling scary stories!


Let’s be together, at least for all of this life - Korean artist Puuung

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