Who says getting older is no fun?

Grace Robertson photographs

You can choose to live your life with the joy of the front row or solemness of the third row. The choice is yours. That's me in the front row with my joy. Those are my coworkers in the third row. Every day is a struggle to keep them from killing my joy.


This picture is the happiest picture ever, and yet all I can think is "what idiot let their puppy ride in a car with the window down that far?

But it was all worth it because you knew that once you graduated you were prepared for anything! | Community Post: 26 Signs You Were A Business Major

Every Graduate Ever. Almost a year since my high school graduation and still don't know what I'm doing

Mirror mirror

Wanted: The Doctor

You are beautiful from the inside out, who needs mirrors to tell you that? A wonderful substitute for a mirror in a bathroom, quirky and funny interior decoration.

Dr Seuss

Seuss Art Print by Kongoriver - I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.


Defensemat, A Cleverly Designed Anti-Theft Doormat

There. Are. No. Words.

Awkward Family Photos

Twitter / social media club

Social Media Club on

Not so far fetched. In case of fire, exit building before about it.

Be warned ; - )

Haven’t had my coffee yet, don’t make me kill you. // People should not annoy me before I have my coffee. You'll just a sarcastic response that is intended to make you shut up and go away.

My kind of shop! As seen in Tunbridge Wells.

Juliets,Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK, to have a good cup of tea and delicious cakes.

31 Cats You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

31 Cats You Won't Believe Actually Exist

My Cat's Decision-Making Tree

Funny pictures about My cat's decision-making tree. Oh, and cool pics about My cat's decision-making tree. Also, My cat's decision-making tree.

#Coffee sentiments, by @Juliet Kinsman

I've spent most of my life drinking coffee