Mickey & Tinkerbell <3

Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell. Look in Mickeys eye on your right. Its Cinderellas castle

Vale of Tears. I definitely want this as part of my Alice tattoo

Alice In Wonderland Madness Returns Waterfall (which later turns into a blood fall.

Swarovski Disney Silvermist Fairy

Swarovski Disney Silvermist Fairy - Tinker Bell's friend wears a turquoise crystal dress, while her head, arms, legs, and wings shimmer in clear crystal.

#TinkerBell #Disney Fairy Franchise

Which Disney Fairy Are You?

Disney Challenge Question Favorite Non-Animal Sidekick - Tinkerbell! She was a little mean as Peter Pan's sidekick, but I like the new version of Tinkerbell where she seems really sweet and friendly.

#rapunzel #disney

This is freaking awesome. I loved Tangled, and to see Rapunzel with dyed hair, a septum piercing, Slipknot shirt, colorful eyeshadow and visible tattoos (with her green eyes and freckles) makes me love her more! She looks like me!

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