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Handdrawn Catchwords Set (PNG, EPS): Handdrawn Catchwords Set include over 130 elements - mainly different catchwords and some ampersands. All elements were hand-sketched with ink pens and calligraphy brushes.

Agora, faça o download dos posters em alta resolução. Daí é só imprimir em papel A3 ou A4 e emoldurar. Comentários comentários

I also like interesting typography and would be open to letting the words be the graphics - perhaps highlighting dream and living?

for the lessons life has given me. for the love that surrounds me. for the love i give and hold for special ones. for the potential i see in me, my life and those i value most dear

"Focus" Tattly temporary tattoo by Lila Symons.

"Focus" Tattly temporary tattoo by Lila Symons. I need this tattooed on me so I can be reminded constantly to focus.