Junaid Iqbal Mohammed Memon

Junaid Iqbal Mohammed Memon

London, UK / A Property Developer from UAE and London and an avid reader of current world affairs and economics and property development.
Junaid Iqbal Mohammed Memon
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What should you look for in your uk property investment? Here are seven golden rules, which will help make sure you buy the right properties for yo

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Thought of redecorating your home to sell it but didn't go through with it? You could be missing viewers this way! Home staging, getting more viewers in and selling your property effectively How to style your home for a quick sell. One person who unders

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This infographic for the Association of Residential Letting Agents provides an overview of the buy-to-let market in the UK.

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UK Home Make Over Value: How much value can UK home owners add to their properties with home improvement tasks? Find out the mark up effect of each work mapped by UK region.

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Why You Need A Real Estate Agent Infographic! I'm going to throw out a challenge to everyone who reads this! I constantly emphasize and stress the importance of using a Real Estate Professional to help you with the most sale and purchase you will most lik