Dark conservatory frames and French windows...

Conservatory & Glass House Ideas

Library conservatory // Whether you are hunting for conservatory design ideas, or just want to gaze longingly at glass houses, get inspired by these stylish structures.

Minimal frame lean to conservatory.

This might be TOO much glass. How will a glass roof handle snow? Also I can't see a way to open this up to open air. But it has the "bring the outside in" look I'm going for.

Minimal frames on this conservatory extension...

IQ Glass can offer a fully bespoke or modular approach to glass extensions using a variety of different supporting methods to achieve the appearance required.

Conservatory extension with no additional terrace. Just direct access to the vegetable garden. Something to consider...

Conservatory & Glass House Ideas

SITTING PRETTY You can always rely on the Chelsea Flower Show for design ideas and this room from Marston & Langinger has them in spades, from the big (the intricate windows and paint) to the small (decorating with plates, a gleaming pendant light).

Ground floor with conservatory extension that leads out in to the garden.

Conservatory & Glass House Ideas

Discover conservatory design ideas on HOUSE - design, food and travel by House & Garden. Light and space is added to the ground floor of this house with the addition of a conservatory extension.

Louis white 20x20 - cement tiles by David & Goliath

Louis white - cement tiles by David & Goliath

Georges chocolate 20x20 - cement tiles by David & Goliath.

Georges chocolate - cement tiles by David & Goliath.

Alex Taupe 20x20 - cement tiles by David & Goliath.

Alex Taupe - cement tiles by David & Goliath.