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The Tree of Life Sigil is one of the most familiar of the sacred geometric symbols. The structure is connected to the sacred teachings of the Jewish Kabbalah, but can be seen in other traditions as well.

Concerning Druidic Sigils and the Talismanic Art | ADF

~~ * Aries*~~ This is fitting for the Aries since their symbol is the Ram. The Ram is powerful and will climb to the highest peaks to see what life has to offer. A Ram rarely turns down a challenge. An Aries has difficulty turning down challenges as the desire to go forward and conquer is very strong.Aries are full of energy, much like the Spring that they are born in. . . The Ancient .:☆:. Artist Aditya Ikranegara ✯

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12 Critical Things You Should Never Tolerate. And I agree. There are definitely some changes I need to make.

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Daily Mindfulness | Recognition of the Breath under the Bodi Tree

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Make love...not war..........let's make of this world a woody nice........ ...x.

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