alejandro muñoz miranda.

Educational Centre in El Chaparral / Alejandro Muñoz Miranda

Colors § Colours: From a very colorful kindergarten, the Educational Centre En El Chaparral in Granada, Spain designed by Alejandro Muñoz Miranda.


damn those graffiti kids! (but they have such nice handwriting) - unknown

EXIST: That's all I can do.


I fill these pages with tips, ideas & thoughts to help you Live Happy, Eat Healthy & Travel Ferociously.

the pretty way of telling someone to get out.

texturism by tim etchells << interesting, I recently heard that the most common line in movies is "get out of there!

not your average climbing wall

Alice Climbing wall

Super stylish rock climbing wall designed by Nendo for Illoiha fitness center located in Omotesando, Japan. The concept behind this climbing wall is “becoming beautiful through movement”, which.

ME & YOU: and no one else.

light up letters for our room in the house!

Flourescent lights and filters. This piece recreates the exact color and intensity of the sunset on June 21st 2003. Pretty groovy!

Spencer Finch

Another pinner says: Flourescent lights and filters. This piece recreates the exact color and intensity of the sunset on June Pretty groovy!

you had me at jello

Street art You had me at Jello - Hanksy in NYC.

ted dancin'

Hanksy Expands Beyond Tom Hanks With Bill Cosby & Ted Danson Street Art In New York City

Folded Paper by Ronald Chase

Ronald chase drawing, photography and folded paper 2009

Look closer. It's not what you think.

Les Amants (Cascade) 2009 Noemie Goudal Colour Photograph 168 x 208 cm

Katrin Sigurdardottir

Untitled, installation Reminds me of a gorge or something else simultaneously sharp and sheer as well as organic and meandering. The white further distances it from any point of reference.

Living wall artwork made with plants. Insanely awesome!

mosstika is the studio of edina tokodi a hungarian artist living and working in brooklyn, new york who creates artwork from plants

renaissance mural made completely of staples! artist: baptiste debombourg

Renaissance Staple Murals by Baptiste Debombourg

Baptiste Debombourg‘s Aggravure III consists of a wall installation made out of nearly half a million staples nailed into a wall, which took 340 hours to complete. It comes as no surprise that Dedombourg was inspired by century engravers such as

This street art by Paper Twins would be quite lovely to pass by.

Graffiti Art street art by paper twins graffiti

"ornamental thoughtfulness" project. passers by can take or replace object in bronze hand.

Ornamental Thoughtfulness

Ornamental Thoughtfulness by artist and educator Mary Whalley