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Savvy Shopper Badge -- Junior Girl Scout Badge Ideas

Requirements for earning the Savvy Shopper Junior Badge-- Step 1: Explore your needs and wants. Step 2: Look into why you want what you want. Step 3: Find out what makes people happy (or not!) with what they buy. Step 4: Learn how to decide what to buy. Step 5: Make a plan to buy something you need or want.
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Junior Girl Scout Badge - Savvy Shopper. Food and water, clean clothes, a place to live: These are things everyone needs. A closet full of shoes, a new desk, tickets to a movie: These are things people want. But how do you figure out what you need and what you want? You might find it's not as easy as you think!


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Grocery Shopping Scavenger Hunt. Great way to teach Cub Scouts about how much things cost at the store! Especially the Wolves.


Empowered By THEM: Grocery Shopping Scavenger Hunt

A Notable Man: Jim Cirronella

Games, lesson plans and fact sheets for teaching kids to be good consumers.


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Girl Scout Cookie Box Banks can be partnered with Girl Scout Financial Literacy badge work. Encourage your Girl Scouts to make a separate bank for saving, donating and fun spending money.


Cookie Box Bank

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