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Requirements for earning Simple Meals Junior Badge-- Step 1: Step up your skills with a pro. Step 2: Whip up a great breakfast. Step 3: Fix a healthy lunch or dinner. Step 4: Create a delicious dessert. Step 5: Make your own meal.
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FREE! 9 recipes and blanks recipe cards to help with your Junior Simple Meals Badge.

German Potato Salad I don't like German potato salad, but I couldn't stop eating this!

What not to pyramid

Frozen Party Menu

Deep Fried Goof Balls

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Junior Girl Scout Badge - Inside Government Badge. JUNIOR SIMPLE MEALS BADGE: There's steam and bubbles, interesting tools, and amazing smells... and lots of room for experiments. And it's not a laboratory -- it's your own kitchen! Use these steps to make amazing meals and learn to create a whole meal of your own. Purpose: When I've earned this badge, I'll know how to serve up a meal for my family and friends.

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Girl Scout Fun Patch. I'm a Healthy Eater Fun Patch. Show off that you are a healthy eater! More on

Wear a apron when making your simple meals. From

The perfect summer salad meal, in 5 layers!

I'm hungry!

Summer Salad Meal

Hearty and Skinny Antipasto Salad Meal

Skinny Kitchen

Easy Mexican Casserole - made this tonight! YUM! But instead of plain tortilla chips, I'm going to use Cheese Doritos next time.

Pizza casserole..

Cheesy Chicken Casserole (easy to use rotisserie chicken from store)

Fast and easy Chicken & Dorito Caserole

Italian Crescent Caserole - Good technique, different ingredients

caseroles | Easy vegetarian casserole recipes

Hot dog and couscous - easy meal

Easy meal for busy families

7 easy meals

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11 Healthy Trifle Recipes These easy dessert recipes combine cake, fruit, and a little bit of cream to make a treat that's delicious and diet-friendly. Ease your sweet tooth with 11 low-cal indulgences.

Our kind of patriotic dessert. :)