elf donuts--actually cheerios :) too cute!  To leave out with Santa's cookies... So cute

Santa's elves usually are forgotten on Christmas Eve, but this year make Elf Donuts from Cheerios. Now you can leave cookies out for Santa and donuts for the Elves.

Cupcake wrappers line plastic cups for a cute snack mix holder

Clear plastic cups with cupcake liners inside - Perfect for party snacks. Use for snack mix buffet at Shelby's Open House.

If you ever intend to decorate a cake or cookies you need to see this video about how to fill your icing bag... LIFE CHANGING. Why didn't they teach THIS in my Wilton class???

Video: Use Plastic Wrap For Easier Icing Cleanup

NO MORE Cleaning the icing bag.THIS is the greatest trick for filling icing bags! This idea is so mindblowing .and easy, she uses saran wrap.WATCH this video by Karen's Cookies.

Cute for additions to the gingerbread house

Gingerbread Houses and No-Bake Cookie Cottages

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cheerio bird feeders!

cheerio bird feeder - the kids and I have made these at school, lots of fun and great for the birds in your garden!