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JuNK GypSY DIYs!!!

a few DIYS from the past few years, yall! featuring MIRAnda Lambert's wedding, airstream and TOUr bus! DIerks Bentley's airstream! OUR airstream . . and some great randomness! LOVEEEE from Texas!

JuNK GypSY DIYs!!!

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HOW TO CUT THE neck outta a TEE SHIRT. . Junk GYpSy Style! #tshirtDIY #teeDIY {junk gypsy co} Great American Country

  • Heather Wisniewski
    Heather Wisniewski

    Thats the only way i wear my t's :)

DIY feather chandelier from Junk Gypsies

  • Suzy Reed
    Suzy Reed

    Former East Texas gals doin'good !!!

  • JuNK GyPSY
    JuNK GyPSY

    THANK YALL so much for lovin' what we do!!! XoXoXoo

  • Tiffany Michelle
    Tiffany Michelle

    I am so in love with this! I am planning to make on for my dorm!

  • Melodee Scofield
    Melodee Scofield

    My granddaughter and I just saw this on your show last night. Today, we spent a good part of the day picking up pretty feathers from our chickens and glittering them. We had a blast.

  • Melodee Scofield
    Melodee Scofield

    The unattached feathers, NOT the chickens.

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DIY trunk into a coffee table using CASTERS!!! so easy! {junk gypsy co}

  • Katie Hackett
    Katie Hackett

    Girls I absolutely love your designs and what you do, but youre obsessed with casters! Lol. I did the same thing with my trunks except without casters.

junk gypsy easy DIY garden chair

On GAC TV : Show Information, Schedules, Features and More
  • Silvia Escobedo
    Silvia Escobedo

    Love her...she is lovely!!! This is my 2nd fav episode!

  • Natasha Sill
    Natasha Sill

    Love the JuNk GypsieS!

Old bed springs are repurposed votive holders with ribbon to hang them.. be sure to use battery operated votives. {junk gypsy co}

  • Faith

    Great close up! That would be cool for an outdoor wedding at night. Or for your patio gazebo!

Close up of the headboard with some new decoupaged artwork. See MORE Junk Gypsies room makeovers here >>

On TV : Junk Gypsies : Junk Gypsies : Great American Country
  • Jill Leonard
    Jill Leonard

    Kind of reminds me of the headboard in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun.

for the SwaSHBucklin' Bachelor PAD . . {junk gypsy co, }

Upcycled Lamps and Lighting Ideas
  • Candi R
    Candi R

    Oh my gosh! I have to make one of these for my kitchen with old recipes! I ♥ you guys!!!!

for the RETRO ROCkStar living room for JOHN EVans on HGTV . . old trumpet turned light! {junk gypsy co, }

Upcycled Lamps and Lighting Ideas

old restaurant mixer whisks turned into chandeliers for the GYPSY and the COWBOy living room on HGTV . . {junk gypsy co, }

Upcycled Lamps and Lighting Ideas
  • Kelly Lloyd
    Kelly Lloyd


  • Cindy Tillman
    Cindy Tillman

    I LOVE this!!!!

  • MyCraftWork, LLC
    MyCraftWork, LLC


and there was light around the world. . . or in the southern HemiSphere! :) {junk gypsy co, }

Upcycled Lamps and Lighting Ideas
  • Nicole Degollado
    Nicole Degollado

    South America is upside dooooowwwwwn! :O

  • Kara Courtney
    Kara Courtney

    I have had a broken globe from my class room for three years now and have not had the heart to throw it way. Thanks for finally putting an idea with my treasure!

for our parents living room, the GYPSY and the COWBOy. . . on HGTV . . a biggo wine bottle turned into a swanky lamp. . {junk gypsy co, }

Upcycled Lamps and Lighting Ideas
  • Kim Knabe
    Kim Knabe


amie's TALL TALES LIVING ROOM . . . perfect for 2 dreamers. . . {junk gypsy co, }

Decorate With Upcycled Wall Art, Shelves and Storage
  • Brenda McIntosh
    Brenda McIntosh

    Connie Alonzo .. What?!!! Your wings!!

  • Charity Stevens
    Charity Stevens

    I want wings like this!!!

  • Deb Zikowsky
    Deb Zikowsky

    I want wings like those, too!!! ♥

  • kristan elyse
    kristan elyse

    Is there a diy on the wings??

  • Kathy Stevens
    Kathy Stevens

    Love the wings!!! so need them for my daughter's room

old game boards as art! {junk gypsy co, }

Decorate With Upcycled Wall Art, Shelves and Storage

the MODern DAY HUCK finn room for 11 year old ASHer! from our HGTV show! it was BOY paradise! old p-row boat as a shelf, and vintage fireplace logs make a perfect HANG-out spot! {junk gypsy co, }

Decorate With Upcycled Wall Art, Shelves and Storage
  • Trish D
    Trish D

    I DVR'd this episode, and my 10 YO son won't let me delete it! Planning to incorporate a few of these ideas into his room over the summer

  • JuNK GyPSY
    JuNK GyPSY

    trish . . that's a great compliment!!! the kids LOVE that episode! :)

  • melonie rhodes
    melonie rhodes

    I didn't think I'd like the pictures hung so low but I do.

  • Candi R
    Candi R

    Saw this episode last night. Greatest boys room EVER.

  • Lauren Childers Calaway
    Lauren Childers Calaway

    Anyone know the paint color?

from the OFFICE OF DAYDreams. . for the QUeen of Daydreams in her crafting/sewing/MAMA CAVE of an office. . . old baskets on the wall, salvage farm house lumber on the walls. . . {junk gypsy co, }

Decorate With Upcycled Wall Art, Shelves and Storage
  • Cindy Wallace
    Cindy Wallace

    More pics of this gorgeous room. This was my favorite re-do! I loved the chandelier and work table. Beautiful!!!!

  • Julie Brown
    Julie Brown

    :-) It's my favorite room also!

FROM the BIG HAPPY FAMILY episode on HGTV . . license plate heart above the mantel! {junk gypsy co, }

Decorate With Upcycled Wall Art, Shelves and Storage

a vintage tabletop jukebox has come back to life as a wall shelf for the RETRO ROCkabilly LIVIng room for JOHN Evans! from our show on HGTV! {junk gypsy co, }

Decorate With Upcycled Wall Art, Shelves and Storage

Removing the Stink - Travel With the Junk Gypsies to Flea Markets on HGTV . . . {junk gypsy co. - }

Travel With the Junk Gypsies to Flea Markets

BARN GATE HEADBOARD. . industrial, cowgirl style! old barn/stall gate turned into a headboard that actually slides! it's on old barn hardware. . . from our romantic western episode on HGTV {junk gypsy co. - }

12 Creative Headboards
  • Cara Banks
    Cara Banks

    This was one of my favorite room's that you've done! Do you happen to remember where this comforter/ blanket was from?

  • Tiffany White
    Tiffany White

    Do you have any idea where we may find the bedding? Thank you!

  • Jordan Wilson-Parker
    Jordan Wilson-Parker

    Nikki Hardy this is the headboard I was telling you about!!

  • pinningpowerbuymonicam

    I love the bench too !!!

old enamel pot from a junk store turned into CUTE KiDs toy storage on the fireplace hearth . . cute, cheap, easy way to hide all those HoT WHeels! from our BIG HAPPY FAMILY episode on HGTV {junk gypsy co. - }

  • Cindy Lininger
    Cindy Lininger

    I have the same pit it was my husbands Gramothers

old muffin tin turned button/craft supply storage in the OFFICE OF Daydreams episode on HGTV! {junk gypsy co. - }

Kids' Craft Station - 25 Ways to Upcycle Your Old Stuff on HGTV - {junk gypsy co. - }

25 Ways to Upcycle Your Old Stuff
  • Yaz Crazy4Me
    Yaz Crazy4Me

    I enjoyed this particular episode on HGTV a couple weeks ago when you all did Amie's house. The pink table and pink house are so darling! I also loved the retro kitchen booth in Aime's kitchen:-) yaz at

  • Ria Merryweather
    Ria Merryweather

    Tutorial how to build this table in German: https://trashprincess.wordp...

upcycled spool = craft table/coffee table in AMie's n' inDie's tiny lil pink house - {junk gypsy co. - }

25 New Ways to Use Your Old Stuff

our foyer at our JuNK GYpSy WORLD headquarters in the building process! all out of old farmhouse wood!

junk gypsy world headquarters |
  • JuNK GyPSY
    JuNK GyPSY

    awwww debbie. . such a sweet comment. here's to daddys everywhere! up above and here on earth. . bless their hearts. . XoXoxo. . .

  • Cynthia Delgado Bienduga
    Cynthia Delgado Bienduga

    Wish u gals were on more on Hgtv! I have my favorite episodes taped. Love your charm and vision!

  • Michelle McGuire
    Michelle McGuire

    Cant wait to see it in person. I was in Round Top last weekend and saw the store. The heart fence is amazing.

  • Jen Webb
    Jen Webb

    I seriously wish there was an all Junk Gypsy channel. ❤

  • Cheri K.
    Cheri K.

    Miss your show too! Truly inspiring and so artful! I agree with Jen (above)!

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HOTEL CALIFORNIA DIY . . by the junk gypsies

austin city limits festival |