iPhone case that prints polaroids!

New iPhone case prints Polaroid photos

The Sophie iPhone dock/case prints photos just like a Polaroid kidspot-products-we-love

twig for iPhone - yes please

Top 10 Tech This Week [PICS]

Jason Hilbourne is raising funds for Twig: the amazing ultra-portable cable for your iPhone on Kickstarter! Twig is an ultra-portable cable for your iPhone. It has a bendable wire "skeleton" and three "legs". Bend it into tripod mode and more.

Rubber X-Bands: Part of MOMA's 2004 exhibition Humble Masterpieces, these X-shaped rubber bands are great for organizing papers and cards or sealing small boxes. Each box contains an assortment of four sizes and colors. $5 #Rubber _Bands #X_Bands

X-shaped rubber bands--like the ones the library uses to bundle books--as gift packaging! Would be great for fabric-wrapped Christmas presents. This link is to the MoMA store, I might try office supply sites for larger/cheaper options.

Handmade Leather iPhone Wallet

ocean case Hebrews Leather iPhone wallet case with mini zipper in caramel brown MARC by Marc Jacobs New Jumble Lenticular Phone Case Up.

Incipio Stowaway iPhone Case.  Perfect for carrying your ID and some cash on a run

Incipio Stowaway iPhone Case ($35)

Incipio iPhone 4 Stowaway Credit Card Hard Shell Case with Silicone Core, iPhone 4 Cases & Covers by Incipio. Might need to upgrade my cell phone case. This would be great for walking the dogs, or walks to the store!

Kogeto Dot: Capture a 360 degree field of view with no stitching necessary! #Photography #iPhone #Panorama #Kogeto_Dot

Kogeto Dot: Capture a 360 degree field of view with no stitching necessary! I just need an iphone haha

Mobile Stands / Your Nest Inspired

Great idea & would be so simple to make. This Cherry Wood iPhone stand is a great idea! You could watch a movie on your iPod


The JuiceTank is the first iPhone case to feature an integrated wall charger built into the case. The automated plug deploys easily and allows you to plug your iPhone 4 or iPhone directly into any outlet. No cords required.


The iMemo Sticky Note Pad is a sticky pad in the shape of an iPhone

Macassar Ebony iPhone Veil.

Classy iPhone case - Macassar Ebony Veil, by KillSpencer

iPhone bottle opener $20.00

Put your iPhone to work by attaching a bottle opener with this cell phone case. Conversation piece, or just something to make your life easier. Definitely something I want!