so cute! I LOVE MATTHEW ESPINOSA!!!! he is my favorite of all the MAGCON Boys

MY favorite dinosaur is the Matt Espinosa! He's a really cute dinosaur!

OMG i love his face

If you love Matt and Magcon but Matt especially we are the Espinosers

Nash and Matthew

nash:: mahh brother is crushing! / matt:: bro shit up! *blushes* / nash::*laughs* oh look whos nervous! / matt:: *punches nash in the arm*

Matthew Espinosa and Cameron Dallas

Matthew Espinosa and Cameron Dallas, on matts board cause he taking the picture ?

Matthew Espinosa

I'm so proud of you and everything you've done. Now I'm just waiting to see you on a movie screen on on my tv. LOVE YOU!

Matt Espinosa

So since I wasn't on to say happy birthday to Matt yesterday I wanted to say it now. Happy birthday Matthew words can't describe my love for you and you just make me smile. Hope your birthday was great :)