Luuuv the flow of the material on this dress. But it is a negative on the green ;) DINA BAR-EL - Ursula Gown-Not sure if I have pinned this already or not. ALWAYS looking for an amazing green ball gown. This is PERFECT.

Rise above it

Rise above it, I love the idea of the girl + balloon as a tattoo with the quote :)

Green Door

Grab your sunglasses, because today we’re visiting a summer color. Summer makes me think of key lime pie. And yes I know key limes are yellow. But it tastes like lime and lime is … you know, the color lime … So c’mon … Continue reading →


Go Green With M&M's... What's All This Hype About Green M&Ms Anyway?

The Green M&M was the first female character to be used in the M&Ms commercials, putting a new twist on how everyone saw the popular candy.


Banded waist poplin dress

this is a neat website. you can customize the clothes (skirt length, sleeves, neckline, etc.

I want this ring!!!

This is chromium diopside. I have one of these darlings- and it is the loveliest bottle-green sparklie ever!

Simple cute green dress - perfect for St. Patrick's Day festivities!

Simple cute green dress - perfect for St. Patrick's Day--very duchess of cambridge