Awesome tattoo idea...

Fire Flowers Art Print by Steve McKinzie

'Onyx Odyssey' Lenten Rose

A black flower. Shade perennial - Helleborus 'Onyx Odyssey' (very large fully double flowers are slate purple to near-black)


What kind of flowers is this? Finally found out that this is a hellebore! A double-painted hellebore!

These Rats In Africa Are Saving Tons Of Lives

These Rats In Africa Are Saving Tons Of Lives

finch birdies on red berries

17 most beautiful birds photography in the world. Nature keeps deviates natural beauty in it. From the begin to the ending there is always a beauty.



Fountain-like centers on lilac blue flowers-Clematis 'Crystal Fountain',bloom time:early summer to early fall,full sun to mostly type


Love to see crocus welcoming us to Spring. Did you know that crocus also bloom in the Fall? It always surprises me to see crocus blooming in my garden in September.