Just Ask Jim VO

Just Ask Jim VO

I like to help fellow voice actors get their sound sorted out, so they can just focus on being brilliant behind the mic. #JustAskJimVO
Just Ask Jim VO
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A bit more rustic approach -  Heavenly Tracks Recording Studio, South Lake Tahoe. Isolation booth featuring acoustical log wall and Guilford of Maine fabric covering R-300 Owens Corning insulation. www.blankdg.com

Blank Design Group - HEAVENLY TRACKS located in the lower floor of a three story South Lake Tahoe cabin adjacent to Heavenly Ski Resort. Heavenly Tracks is designed to sustain the beautiful lake views, while bringing the Sierra Nevada Mountains indoors

soundproof curtains for cutting sound up the stairs (I wonder how these would work in the studio...)

A retractable acoustic curtain is used here to contain noise from the excessive noise generated by the equipment inside. The acoustic properties absorb noise to make the surrounding area more comfortable and easier to work in.

sound gobo. hard side / soft side

ok guys so i want to make a gobo for my room for vocals. now i found this guy that shows u how to make a gobo which looks like this then i see this gobo which i think is really nice and im really inte

Reclaimed Wood DIY Studio Desk  #homestudio #reclaimedwood #pipedesk #studiodesk

Read and learn everything involved in building a DIY studio desk, like finding materials, constructing the table top, assembly, and everything else in between.