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a living room filled with furniture and lots of different types of pillows on the couches
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a large white bed sitting in a bedroom next to a window
Alexander Home Josefina Ornamental Ironwork Traditional Rug
Add the ideal dash of classic grandeur to your space, with this distinctive and dazzling rug. A power-loomed weave ensures a soft pile underfoot along with wonderful durability. The rug is easy to maintain with spot cleaning and vacuuming.
a white rose sitting on top of a table next to a curtain with pearls hanging from it
Decorate Your Windows with Charming Curtain Tiebacks - Sortrature
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a white desk with a mirror, chair and shelf on top of it in a room
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Absolutely love this. Looks like many of the pieces can be found at IKEA (organizer, vanity, shelving).
a white desk with lots of pictures on the wall
How to create a gallery wall without hammer and nails. - Little Big Bell
How to create a gallery wall without hammer and nails.