Maria Elena Naggi’s take on Belle from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast.” This richly detailed oil painting clearly draws its inspiration from Francois Boucher’s “Portrait of Madame Pompadour.

Day 22, Bravest Princess- Belle. She risked her own life for her father's. Everything she did was out of love. <3 #30DayDisneyChallenge

"'Cause she really is a funny girl. A beauty, but a funny girl. She really is a funny girl, that Belle." - 'Belle' (Beauty and the Beast)


Fan Art of Belle for fans of Disney Princess. The most beautiful Belle fanart I've ever seen

Beauty and the Beast. This will always be my favorite Disney movie and Belle my favorite princess. She shows that reading is sexy.


Remember Who You Are by French Artist Sonala on Deviant Art. Beauty and the Beast. So future belle in front of past belle, she looks at herself in the castle mirror and says to herself, "Remember".

fuck yeah disney fanart

“I understand I missed out on ten years but my brain is fried, do I really need to read all of these journals on foreign policies tonight? Studying is hard.

Artist: Jenny Eight Belle cosplay Disney Princess Beauty & the Beast gold yellow Costume Gown Ball Dress


This is the one of the ONLY artists that I'm determined to collect pieces from. I want all of the Disney Princesses and I'd LOVE for her to begin creating the Disney Villans, as well! - DonatellaDrago on deviantART