While Their Kids Sleep, These parents Pull Of This Amazing Stunt...

Help kids NOT lose their sense of imagination. Dinosaurs come to life while the kids sleep. Great option for creativity throughout the year (not just Elf on the Shelf)


T-Rex in white lace apron, kitchen cooking baking bread, mother mom's mama TREX dinosaurs Why is this funny to me

Ooooooo ..... Do you think I could get Travis to makes this for me? I mean for the girls?

Best dollhouse EVER! There is nothing cuter than teeny tiny things, with the exception of teeny tiny things IN A TREE. Maddie Chambers created this amazingly detailed and beautiful tree dollhouse she dubbed Mad’s Mouse House and it is something to see.

Pictoplasma, 2011. Picture by Natascha Rosenberg,

cute kawaii yetis street performer characters would love to see these guys walk down my street they're looking so blase like they just popped out to the shpos for milk and everything is completely normal

Leandro Erlich’s Swimming Pool http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NT7gjhHq9d0# AMAZING. This is a really cool idea. #art #newyorkart

The Swimming Pool Illusion by Leandro Erlich Swimming Pool by Leandro Erlich is an art installation with a permanent home at the Century Museum of Art of Kanzawa, Japan.

shadows - faisal almalki

The shadows of people walking in the fashionable "Via Dei Condotti" street on their way to/from Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps. Taken just before sunset by Faisal Almalki Location: Rome, Italy

Cutout Landmark Art

Cutout Landmark Art

London-based artist Rich McCor, aka paperboyo, has a whimsical way of seeing the world around him. He creates paper cutouts and carefully holds them up in front of city landmarks to transform familiar.

My brother on Halloween by verybigjen, via Flickr

This my brother Chris, at Halloween, circa 1981 or so. He is still a giant gamer and redid this costume about 5 years ago.

LEGO Wedding Dress – by Japanese artist Rie Hosokai

LEGO Wedding Dress – by Japanese artist Rie Hosokai

“LEGO Wedding Dress“, a dress created with LEGO bricks and designed by the Japanese artist Rie Hosokai, as a reproduction of his own creation in balloons (more here: Daisy Balloon, aerial Dresses.

Julian Wolkenstein


Julian Wolkenstein presents Pony Pin-Ups – a series of photography of animals dressed like real models. You can see more of Julian’s work here. I wish my hair looked that smooth.