A wonderful highlights combination with a lighter color towards the ends. Also you can achieve this shine with a silicone based shine serum or spray.

Jessica Alba Long Wavy Cut


A nice Burgundy color can bring the perfect balance between the indecision of a red or brown color. It also looks very pretty.

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Blondes with an ash base rather than a golden one will prevent you of having brassy tones in your hair or unwanted reddish tones at the roots.

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Blond when done correctly and by this I mean not a one color blond, rather caramel and ash tones mixed together, looks rather lovely and can give you a youthful looking appearance.

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Reddish brown tones in the hair can be done in a subtle way and look very natural. It also cuts the effect of monotonous looking hair.

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A reddish brown can compliment yellow under-toned skin, however make sure to not take it to a vivid red, that can easily fade and make your yellow or beige skin seemed washed out...

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Black hair is a very natural choice of hair color however, only when it is cared for properly and it's shine is evident.

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Black hair looks lovely with a few mixed honey blond highlights, just don't go for the parallel stripe look.

Modern Long Hairstyles With Bangs


Always pick a color that will make your eyes stand out. Highlights are not necessary but if you like a solid color look, you may wish to get very thin highlights scattered strategically to en-mark your face and have them be a tone lighter than the base color.

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For beige colored skin or yellow undertones, highlights over a brown base is illuminating for your skin. The effect it creates is lovely.

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You can do no wrong with long Ombre hair...you will need little to no maintenance with this two toned color effect. Also your hair will have the time to grow, without harsh coloring's for a good while.

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Subtle honey colored or light golden blond highlights give a touch of brightness to medium or tan skin

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This simple ombre technique allows your skin to look fabulous and brings out your eyecolor as well.

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