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Scared to talk to your kids about sex? Yeah, every parent feels that way. How do we bring up the topic? How do we make sure we’re not sharing “too much, too soo

Get your free printable list of 100 Coping Strategies here. Use this quick guide to help teach, practice, and choose the best coping strategies for your kids.

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Part 1: Sibling Bullying: Twelve Strategies Every Parent Needs to Know | Mom's Well Being

Part Sibling Bullying: Twelve Strategies Every Parent Needs to Know - Mom's Well Being

The Effects of Adult Narcissistic Behavior on Kids    Feb 27, 2013 | By Genevieve Van Wyden    Read more: http://www.livestrong.com

Children of narcissistic parents live in a chaotic home that has been made so by the narcissistic parent, who wants everything. The parent wants.

Children need stability. When relationships become violent within the family, many times it becomes chronic & escalates over time, often becoming 'the norm'. The victim does not have enough time to regain emotional equilibrium between occurrences & is left with the knowledge that it can happen again at any time. Rather than having a secure & carefree childhood, abused children are worried & hypervigilant.

What is complex trauma and what makes it different from other forms of psychological trauma? Christine Courtois provides an overview of what constitutes complex traumatization.