Make a decorative paint chip canvas

Make paint chip art from a rectangular canvas

Make paint chip wall art from a rectangular canvas - Mod Podge Rocks. >>going to do this for grandmother suite, but pick her favorite color and name one color after her :)

This is SO true.

15 New Extremely Creative Infographics

Venn Diagram/Infographic: How would you like your graphic design? uxrave: “ Pick two - How would you like your graphic design?

Cool flash cards for designers' kids!

ABC cards for designer nerds - and as the illustrator says herself: "geek-hipster-interwebbers can teach their kids their ABC's with more culture-relevant examples". Love the idea and the illustrations - se more of the ABC here at Emma Cook.

Cool job tracking idea!

A Wall-Mounted Calendar Made From LEGO Bricks

LEGO Calendar London design studio, Vitamins, has created an ingenious wall mounted time planner that’s built entirely from LEGO bricks and can be synced dig

Awesome funny take on branding and Santa.

Brilliant Santa brand book by Quietroom – 2013 refresh. Page Santa is a concept, not an idea.

Cool new Star Wars posters.

New Star Wars Identities Portraits are Awesome!

And yet another Star Wars post, this time around it is a whole exhibition dedicated to the Star Wars franchise and its fans. Star Wars Identities is an exhibition that will be held at Montreal, Can.

Art from coffee rings... need I say more?

Hong Yi - Jay Chou Coffee Stain Portrait view video Artist Hong Yi aka Red who practices painting without a tradtional brush creates a portrait using coffee cup stains: This project was.

Very cool State Flag redesign project.  Wish it could really replace the current flags!

Very cool State Flag redesign project. Wish it could really replace the current flags!

E-inkey Keyboard Concept  This would be perfect for all those Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator shortcuts.

This quick keyboard was imagine by designers Maxim Mezentsev & Aleksander Suhih, it uses e-ink on keyboard buttons to display useful information in context. It is great to display keyboard shortcuts for example

This is what we need in the United States instead of our boring manhole covers.

Even under foot, manhole covers are individual masterpieces of street art, done by master craftspersons.

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