@Lacey L Now that's a cute puppy sweater :)

Crochet Sweater Crochet Sweater Pattern Crochet Pattern Crochet Shrug Pattern instant Download

Gummy Bear Skin Rug

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"You are quoting Shakespeare." Had this up in my English classroom in school - it's amazing to think how many of our daily phrases are from Shakespeare!

@Lacey L Leash for Jelly.

Hot DOG Sausage Links Dog Leash Pet Foam Rubber Handle - buy your dogs supplies from dog lovers just like you.

@Lacey  It's a purse, that holds wine. Well maybe just a wine purse (:

Baggy Wine Coat gives the popular Bag in Box wines a casual but stylish look. Simply take the wine bag out of the box, place it in the Baggy Wine Coat and close the flexible top. There is room for an ice pack too, if you prefer to have your wine chilled.

@Lacey L Edible dessert cups.

diy chocolate dessert cups - so fun! tkz: Did this one time at a friend's food party. Messy is what I remember. Yummy though - dark chocolate.

cozy porch.

What a hoot -- a front-porch fireplace! Now thats cozy . cwhittenburg What a hoot -- a front-porch fireplace! Now thats cozy . What a hoot -- a front-porch fireplace! Now thats cozy .

Just 4 concentric circles.

Look at it for a moment, and this brain-baffling optical illusion will begin to spin before your eyes. But what your brain perceives as a spiral is actually something rather different.