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Holdin out for a hero, Doctor Who style! Funny thing is, I'm in the pit orchestra for Footloose right now! Just got done with the second night of production an hour and a half ago and I've had that song stuck in my had from it all night haha!


Or Kingdom Hearts storyline. Or the Zelda Timeline. Doctor Who's timeline! We like a lot of needlessly complicated fantasy and sci fi, don't we?


So if he's the same man, why doesn't Twelve trust hugs anymore? <- Because betrayal hurts more, it's an excuse to hide your face, and his kidneys don't let him.

The Doctor keeps up with past companions.

Right in the feels. My favorite part about this is that the pictures of Donna are from The Office finale. I like to think that Donna changed her name, moved to America, and started working for Dunder Mifflin.


Doctor Who:All of creation has just been wiped from the sky; Rory: (punches the Doctor) She is to me.(and guards her for years) sigh<< Dear Santa, I would like a Rory for Christmas please