celtic triple spiral.  Said to represent the phases of pregnancy, life,death,rebirth and womanhood (maiden, mother and 'crone')

Triple spiral, celtic triskele is sometimes called the spiral of life. All important things came in three phases: birth, death and rebirth.

Sarika Agarwal Textile Pattern 4

Textile Pattern, Sarika Agarwal Textile Border Pattern Indian Motifs Dynamic Textile Patterns, Textile Guide Madhya Pradesh India - would make a nice border stamp


Acorns elegant but rustic embroidery craft project for a teacher's present , friends as well as family on burlap with handcrafted soap or perfume during the Autumn Season

tree of life

Celtic Tree of Life tattoo idea. possibly include a single red heart on the trunk to represent my daughter. Framed with the quote from George Sand ~ There is only one happiness in life ~ to love and to be loved. hmmm, reminds me of the SFA way.