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Anyone who has a newfie knows that this pic shows great restraint! ♥ usually water first then photo

  • Denise K

    yes this is so true. we do not have a pond YET! however my newfs make do when it rains. they find any and all puddles to run through and lay in. looks like we will be digging a pond sooner than later to prevent pent up anxiety in our newfs

Memphis groomed today 4/10/14


The boys playing dead lol

Action picture of Memphis barking lol

Landseer Newfoundland dog

I will have a newf someday. Actually, I'll have two. Even if they shed this much.

River at the beach

Sirius 4 (3 months old)

Sirius 3 (2,5 months old)

Sirius 2 (2 months old)

Such a lovebug!

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Landseer Newfoundland Puppy .. don't miss to grab more dog pics and tips at

Great pic of George mcGovern and his Newfie, Ursa, thanks to USA Today

Family Nap time