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Binghamton NY  ·  I blog at where I knit and crochet, I cook (mostly) grain free/primal, I run ("barefoot"), I homeschool (Montessori-ish), and I mo
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The Willow Tree Tattoo - The ability to adapt to life as a Willow can bend in many ways without breaking. That wisdom that comes with age, the willow represents the stability and strength of age and experience. I've always loved willow trees!

From Overwhelm to Peace: "When we are in overwhelm, we are not grounded. We need to connect with the earth. Just feeling your feet on the ground or your butt on the seat of the chair is enough to interrupt that overwhelm as it puts you back in the present awareness; back in the moment. Back here. And that's really what grounded is. Consider an oak tree and a willow tree. As a storm comes, the willow lays on the ground. It literally will lay over and survive 200 mph+ winds. An oak tree is…

Metal Tree Wall Art ~ I love trees. Their long branches sprawled out overhead. The leaves turning colors and falling to the ground during autumn.