So true!!!

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So true.

Free and Funny Confession Ecard: Having neither room in your closet, nor empty hangers, but still firmly believing you need more clothes.


For reals. I would date that guy.

The BEST Way to Meet Girls. This is seriously the best idea, ever. It would totally work on me. You know how people buy drinks for girls in bars? Why can' t pe girls books pickup lines Dating funny


But seriously Matthews Send me more blond bobby pins. for some reason they don't sell blond ones here - haha

My little needs this

I may spontaneously burst into Disney songs at any moment.`` (This T-Shirt is TOTALLY me! I break into Disney songs all the time! When i can`t break into a Disney song out loud, (like in school) i just break into them inside my head.


If you mess with the little sister, there is always a bigger crazier. I'm that bigger crazier sister

Sometimes, very true

saffy on

Meanwhile in the Athena Cabin<<Sherlock Holmes series, they are reading.<<<loving these.<<<I'm doing the same thing with Percy Jackson right now.

Not today devil!

Law Of Attraction Love

Self pity, pride, ego. He invited it, encouraged it and look where we are now. I stopped begging on March Let them think what they have is worth it and above who he's deserted.