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Beets and Herbs Salad

New favorite beet recipe - used balsamic vinegar instead of sherry vinegar, and only basil and tarragon for herbs. Beets and Herbs Salad

Crunchy Parmesan-Herb Zucchini Bites

Slice a whole zucchini or summer squash down the middle, lightly blush with olive oil and top with a mixture of grated Parmesan cheese, fresh herbs—Bake for 15 minutes and finish with three-to-four minutes under the broiler until cheese is crunchy

Tequila-Lime Mahimahi Tacos

Love me some fish tacos! A perfect summer dinner - tequila-lime mahi mahi tacos! Food does NOT have to be boring when dieting or trying to bring about a healthier life style!

Spicy Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Simple Cake Recipes // Spicy Pumpkin Bundt Cake Recipe - Very, very good especially with the fresh grated nutmeg. It's for a Bundt pan so you may need to half the recipe if you have a standard size pan.

Sweet Potato-Cheesecake Squares Recipe

Sweet Potato-Cheesecake Squares -- Try these cheesecake squares in place of (gasp! A no-fail press-in crust is ideal for novice bakers. NOTE: Refrigerate until cold, 1 hour or overnight.

Coconut Macaroons - Glorious Treats

Coconut Macaroons 7 cups 7 oz packages) sweetened flaked coconut 1 cup flour teaspoon salt 1 can Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk cup canned cream of coconut 1 Tablespoon vanilla extract teaspoon almond extract 1 egg 6 oz.

Black Forest Cheesecake

Black Forest Cheesecake ~ Luscious and impressive. Rich, creamy chocolate cheesecake is topped with beautiful whipped cream and bright, sweet-tart cherries

pumpkin spice doughnuts with buttermilk spiced glaze

pumpkin spice doughnuts with buttermilk spiced glaze Pumpkin scone recipe here, too