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a piece of bread with meat and cheese on it is being held by a toothpick
Anchovy, Red Pepper, and Manchego Pintxos Recipe
Anchovy, Red Pepper, and Manchego Pintxos. #tapas #recipe
the cucumber is cut in half and ready to be eaten on the table
cucumber feta appetizers
several small pieces of food on spoons with green garnish and herbs in them
18 of Our Best 10-Minute Appetizers
Pancetta-Wrapped Scallops
small pita breads with various toppings on a wooden platter next to dipping sauce
Masala Papad | Playful Cooking
Masala Papad - A healthy and light appetizer
a plate with some food on top of it
Salmon Mousse – Gorgeous Appetizer for Holiday
Salmon Mousse
four small tomatoes with leaves in them on a white plate
BLT Cups
BLT cups!
three small desserts on a white plate with cranberries
Savory Cheesecake Appetizer Recipe
Savory Cheesecake Appetizer
there are some bread slices on the cutting board with other foods in bowls behind them
Mediterranean Crostini
four radishes are arranged on a white platter with garnishes
Festive Endive Appetizers - Love and Lemons
Endive Appetizers // loveandlemons.com
three rectangular trays filled with food on top of a wooden table
Honey Prosciutto Appetizer Recipe
Honey Prosciutto Flatbread Appetizer
watermelon cubes with cheese and mint garnish on a white plate
Super Heroes Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 31 of 66
Watermelon cubes #watermelon #appetizers
someone is holding a small glass filled with ice and raspberries
Super Heroes Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 34 of 66
Caprese appetizers #caprese
several plates of food with clams and scallops on them, including green beans
Host a Tapas Party
Recipes for a tapas party.
three small muffins with spinach and cheese in a metal pan on a black surface
Spinach Puffs
Spinach Puffs
four spoons with different types of food on them
Bloody Mary Shrimp
Bloody Mary Shrimp
small pieces of food on a white plate
Foie Gras with Date Purée and Pomegranate
Foie Gras with Date Purée and Pomegranate
a white plate topped with oysters covered in sauce
Oysters Rockefeller
Oysters Rockefeller