Acid-stained Concrete! I love this look!

How to Acid Stain a Concrete Floor

Acid-stained Concrete Patio -- Looks like copper! My back porch, front porch and basement all need this! Click the pic for a brief how-to video on doing this technique.

DIY Lighted Wine Bottles

Craft Lights - Mini Lights for Wine Bottles and other craft projects. Craft Christmas Lights in 35 bulb count. LED Craft lights also available. creates a beach-themed picture frame with an empty wine bottle, seashells and beach sand.

How to Turn Old Bottles into Picture Frames :DIY Network -great idea for family vacation memories

CUTE idea for getting "stuff" off the counter   by No. 29 design

I saw these at IKEA.need to buy! The Newly Uncluttered Kitchen Counter: great idea for growing potted herbs without window ledges! All you need is a few small lights under the cupboard! You can still easily clean the counter underneath!