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A collection of synths, computers and software i've owned (or played/programmed) over the years with the vague hope of producing some reasonably decent music. Ongoing.
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Casio RZ-1 Drum Machine (studio's)

Casio drum machine Great clap, rim shot and clap i use it all the time but just those 3 sounds

Casio CZ-101 (Ash's)

Casio CZ 101 & First battery-powered digital mini synthesizer.

Cubase (from Atari ST to PC to MacPro)

Posts about cubase on The Garage Recording Studio, London UK -

Roland Juno 60 (hired)

one of my favorite instruments, ever. I've owned this one for about 7 years. It's about 30 years old.

Ensoniq Mirage Sampler (studio's)

The Ensoniq Mirage was one of the first affordable samplers out there. Opened up the possibilities of creating new sounds from existing waveforms.

Access Virus A

The Access Virus is a very cool, German made desktop synth-module. It quickly became a very popular and favorite synth with its aggressive

EMU Proteus FX

EMU Proteus FX

Roland SH-09 (Ric's)

Roland SH-09 (Ric's)

Akai S950 sampler (Simon's)

The largest online museum of vintage electronic musical instruments, including Synthesizers and Drum Machines, both analog and digital.

impOSCar VST plug-in

impOSCar VST plug-in