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I love the walk in shower. Do I really need a tub for the extra upstairs bathroom?? *SIGH* Yes, I do.

A house we are considering as open tiled showers similar to this. The tile is brown (not gray) and it (thankfully) has no window right there at the shower! I love the idea of an open tiled shower! No glass to keep clean, no curtain driving you crazy!

Where's The Value in Digital Marketing #Infographic #digital #marketing - #webmarketing #digitalmarketing #strategies #social #socialmedia

In this infographic we look at Customer Acquisition and Customer Optimization, two sets of activities that digital marketers need to balance to genera

The State of the Internet 2015: Social Media Trends [Infographic]

The State of the Internet Social Media Trends [Infographic] -- There’s been a lot written regarding the top social media trends for Fortunately, you won’t have to scour through report after report to make smarter marketing decisions. A new inf

Ernst Haas: New York, 1978.

New York (c Photographer: Ernst Haas --- I love this shot because of the colours and atmosphere i presents. The fact the foreground is blurred and the background is in focus also makes me feel like i'm there in the scene, standing to cross the roa