We were together. I forget the rest -- Walt Whitman Dont give up for the one thing he did wrong, stay and fight for all the things he did right.

How To Turn Your Painful Break-Up Into A Victory

How To Turn Your Painful failure Into A Victory, this is actually so true more people should think like this, instead of just thinking so negative about oneself.

"I don't believe in magic," the young boy said. The old man smiled. "You will when you see her." ~Atticus ..*

I don't believe in Magic, the young boy said ~ the old man smiled, 'You will when you see her' ~❤️~ Atticus


I think one can be more successful panning for gold than finding truly good people to share one's life with. So treasure the ones you find, because they are more precious than gold. I appreciate you!

“Wild, the freedom to feel without fear. #poetry #quotes”

i feel secure, but i need crazy wild passionate. but he loves me so ill stay.

You've got too much soul to be handled by someone who has never been passionate.

I don't know how not to be passionate about anything-! Your life should be full of passion, people you love madly, things you are excited to do! Passion is excitement to be ALIVE IN THE MOMENT 💕

interfering with God's work in us.

Repost: Jesus teach me to let go of my spiritual expectations, so you can truly transform me.

For the first time in many years I went to a reader. 47 more years of interminable seconds. What ever happened to "time flies"?

33 One-Sentence Quotes That Will Leave You Speechless

Writing Prompt - Alice in Wonderland quote WhiteRabbit LewisCarroll - oh so poignant when you understand.