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aspergers famous people - be sure to watch all the way through - the famous people are at the end of this film.

aspergers famous people ~I love this video.It gets rid off all the misunderstandings that aspies/auties are all braindead individuals.Many of us are actually pretty smart or gifted ;

Famous Dads with Autistic Children.

Famous Autism Dads (though i don't really respect travolta as i do the others since he refused to admit his son's condition until a trial defending himself required him to)

Over 100 ‪#‎Encouraging‬ ‪#‎Bible‬ ‪#‎Verses‬! Which 1-2 encourages you the most? ‪#‎encouragement‬ ‪#‎finances‬ ‪#‎eaglesoaringhigher‬

The Word of God is full of encouraging verses that give us hope and strength for every situation we’re in. I’d encourage you to turn to these encouraging Bible verses whether you’ve found yourself…