5 One-Song Workouts

One Song Workout… I like this. Is it each exercise for one rep of the song? or all these in the one rep of the song. One Song Workout… I…

Run 1/2 mile.. then 10 push-ups, 20 squats, 30 sit-ups. Repeat 6 times.

CrossFit: Out of the Box-Run mile, then do 10 push-ups, 20 squats, 30 sit-ups. Repeat 6 times-quick and easy full body

Get Fit For 2013: No-Excuses Workout

No-Excuses Workout

Get Fit For No-Excuses Workout: Drop the excuses: we've made a workout you can do anywhere. Torch calories and build some metabolism-boosting muscle with these body-weight exercises. Simply warm up, work out, train your core, and you're done.

Motivation Board

Motivation Board: how much weight you have to lose and how much you have lost- without displaying the actual number, a meal planning board, a month of workouts and motivational quotes

30 minute workout

Even on busy days you can find at least 30 minutes to workout. before bed, after work, after school, on your break…etc. It’s just getting the motivation to do it. Here is one of my favorite quick work outs for busy days or lazy days.

Abs and Butts

Commitment like this needs to be done by someone with body & CRF conditioned to intense interval training. Not to be entered into by a novice as injury will likely occur (more resting time needed for muscle groups for beginners).

every day

You-can-do-this-everyday workout. Not always practical, but some good ideas to sneak in a few exercises throughout the day.

Never Miss A Monday Workout Again!

How to organize your weekly workouts for variety & fun grat chart and motivator. Never Miss A Monday Workout Again!

20-Minute Workout Video: Best Arm Workouts for Women

Workout Wednesday: The 20-Minute Gun Show

Workout Video: Best Arm Workouts for Women exercise ab-workout ab-workout ab-workout healthy-diet flat-abs ab-workout

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