cidade ribeirinha fantasia

Love this magical elf forrest city with a huge river running through it Artist: Maxime BiBi Artist's Title: Forest Palace

Victorians loved reading fiction novels. They provided entertainment, stimulated the imagination, and helped shape progressive thinking.

Auguste Toulmouche (French, Woman in blue reading. "Dans la Bibliotheque" (In the Library) painted in 1872 ----------------------------------------------------- I know it's a painting - but I WANT that dress!

Cold night, warm memories. Part two by PascalCampion

Cold night, warm memories…didn’t love the previous version so. Also, I wanted to start announcing a new series of Workshops I will be doing.

Edward Gorey for Christmas: just say no to fruitcake...favorite Christmas card sent to me from my sister

illustration card 🎩 Edward Gorey for christmas: just say no to fruitcake.favorite christmas card sent to me from my sister (ambiance hiver winter noël)

Edmund Blair Leighton, "Vox Populi" or, "A Little Prince Likely in Time to Bless a Royal Throne"

mademoisellelapiquante: “ The Heir by Edmund Blair Leighton - 1904 Margaret of Anjou (wife of Henry VI) presenting their only son, Edouard, to the English people.

Edward Gorey More

If someone would release an Edward Gorey-inspired fashion collection, I would buy everything from it, including that headdress