Ha ha

Sisters, am I right? Totally not just a sister thing my husband and I do this all the time SD

junk in the trunk. HAHAHAHAHA

MIND YOUR BUTT!Tree butt, well just had to post this one! lol the butt and the thighs too funny! with dimples

Best sign ever hung in a pub

Ellen's Scare montage. DYING! Even if your having the worst day this will make u laugh so hard! The Taylor Swift one is my favorite!!! :D

It's Ellen's Scare montage. I'M DYING! Even if you're having the worst day this will make you laugh so hard! Comment with your favorite scare! Mine is a toss up between Taylor Swift, Josh Drummel, or Richard Simmons!

This just made my day.

Funny pictures about Bacon My Heart. Oh, and cool pics about Bacon My Heart. Also, Bacon My Heart photos.

21 Kids Who Sold Out Their Parents. This was too great to not repin

This is a fun part about being a teacher that will come back to bite me when my kids are in school. (The well-meaning daughter who was asked to write a sentence about her mom’s hobbies. 21 Kids Who Sold Out Their Parents)

To a life in sweat pants bahaha

Rotten ecards My bathing suit told me to go to the gym, but my sweat pants were like 'nah girl, you're good'.

guys. please. someone do this with me.

Most creative group costume…

Just a few friends dressed up as a roller coaster, Best costume idea ever! Wish I had been this creative in my group costume days.

Ladies and gentlemen, Neil Patrick Harris (that he's dressed in his Dr. Horrible outfit makes it even better for me somehow)

Ladies and gentlemen, Neil Patrick Harris

Oh, drunk people. I think I love Ryan Gosling a little more for this right here lolz


Joey and Chandler…

"I can't feel a thing" "Are you serious? This is packing?" "We were taking a break!" "Jumping on the bed." -Joey, Monica and Chandler, Friends

Meanwhile at walmart

wrong on so many levels! Spongebob Squarepants Tank Top - Stay Classy People of Walmart - Funny Pictures at Walmart


Guess which one I am? The two kinds of people when they see Christmas decorations at the store *(in October, no less!


Funny pictures about Save energy. Oh, and cool pics about Save energy. Also, Save energy photos.