great idea

I'd put this mailbox out on a table at the reception to see what people write.except my mailbox would be much cuter.and painted to match ;) mighttt even use it as the official mailbox of my first home!

Someday when i'm older ;)

Drunk Gummy Bears - ok, not really a recipe, but must try! Don't drink but would be fun to see ppl get drunk of gummy bears!

Bacholerette party

Just 2 ingredients plus bananas - so easy! Thse chocolate covered bananas are one of my all time favorites. Try them with nuts if you are feeling like having even more crunch- oh yes! Nothing i love more than chocolate bananas if ya know what i mean!

Cute shirts for the #Bachelorette party! Bridal "4" Pack Gray v-necks with glitter print for the #Bride and #Bridesmaids. Only $84.99, click here to buy

Glitter shirts for the and Entourage. Bridal Pack on Etsy includes Free MRS. Mix and match to meet your Bridal Party.

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The Only Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt You Need

Perhaps we should start a Bachelorette Party Board.//The only bachelorette party scavenger hunt you need! Doubt I'll ever need it again, but these are hilarious!

We need matching sweats with our names on them!!!

Cute idea for bridesmaids lounge wear with their names on the sweat pants and bridal tshirts. I would make the sweat pants in different colors