"the most confusing part was calling it successful" ha yeah.

I adore this artwork. I don't know why but I simply adore that Zuko is standing off to the side, he knew that lightning bending was dangerous and stuck to just redirecting it to save the people he cared about, well that's how I see it

Avatar: The Last Airbender vs. The Legend of Korra. Side note: ATLA is completely finished, while TLOK is still on the second season. The characters still haven't fully developed yet, so they may still change, but it is kinda true.

And that is just one of the main characters...

And that's only one of the main characters!------ Zuko is *fabulous. He has such a great wardrobe<<<they didnt say avatar because avatar is not a cartoon

Avatar The Last Airbender Sokka Aang cactus by NewConstantinople < I want this on a poster or something