On the 50th anniversary show...

david in the anniversary episode

Yes, you are

David Tennant, you are in fact an adorable Doctor

Oh Sure, Bring Him on Upstairs to My Room

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You either love David Tennant or you've never seen him. Now this post only leaves you with one option.

David Tennant & Cats <-- I always seem him as the crazy cool doctor

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This is David Tennant. David Tennant is one of the Doctors on Doctor Who, who just so happens to be my favorite doctor. He's witty! He also dresses nice.

Girl in the Fireplace. David Tennant is looking at his then girlfriend Sophia Myles (Reinette).

10 in a bowtie!

Farewell letter from

"In case you're having a bad day, here's a saucy picture of David Tennant.

The girlfriend is lovely, but Lord, this man is sexy.

Rachel Cox on

David Tennant // Doctor Who

the tenth doctor (david tennant) // my favorite doctor!