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Featured first at the Frankfurt Motor Show last year, the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept car is now even more real. This two electric motors hybrid car,

Ford GT40 (Prototype Museum - Hamburg, Germany)

Ford (Prototype Museum - Hamburg, Germany) - what a sport cars vs lamborghini cars sports cars

Awesome Lime Green Ford GT40 | repinned by | Follow us on

Ford GT Geiger HP 790 from Exotic Car Picture of 16 : DieselStation

Hennessey Venom GT Spyder- Love it!

Hennessey Venom GT Spyder: on my buy list. Currently holds the top speed record of mass produced cars Car Share and enjoy!

1969 Mustang Boss 302

1969 Mustang Boss 302 Maintenance of old vehicles: the material for new cogs/casters/gears could be cast polyamide which I (Cast polyamide) can produce


Mean Black Blown Corvette Stingray Staring You Down and other trending products for sale at competitive prices.


Martineau Neely I will only accept the 2009 or the 2015 Unless it's free. I'll drive a free Corvette. Different color tho

Saab Sonett III 1970-1974

salesmen said the Sonett was so hot it could burn rubber w/the front wheels.w/o mentioning it was front wheel drive : )