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Ukrainian Women Bring Back Traditional Floral Crowns To Show National Pride

No more frayed cords. The Klip is a simple, easy-to-use charger protector that takes a proactive approach to keep your Apple cords from fraying.

Charger Protector by Tudia

Gwen Moss: October moments, painting projects and a question

Ego says, "Once everything falls into place, I will find peace." Spirit says "Find peace and everything will fall into place." #inspire#life

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Kimberly Wagner

Did you know that the soybean was a modest and unpopular crop until food manufacturers intent on creating cheap vegetable oils convinced the U.S. government to start subsidizing it. The soy was turned into oil, and the industry was left with an industrial waste product. Then somebody had a brilliant idea: Let’s take this industrial waste product (full of toxins and carcinogens) — isolated soy protein — and turn it into food that people will eat!

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WOMEN'S HEALTH ARTICLES by Susun S Weed - This herbalist & health oriented woman has a natural approach for healing the body, which more people should be aware of. Don't hand your health over to others, be proactive & take your life into your own hands with products that support your body!

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