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This never gets old! GIF

Joining the Doctor Who and Supernatural fandom (gif) no backup. no life preserver, no idea what would happen.

Swing Fail

Because nothing is more enjoyable than watching someone embarrass themselves over and over again, the most epic fail GIF gallery ever!

Fail GIFs: The Most Epic Fail GIF Gallery | PBH2

they are fighting for the fish. me and the author fighting for characters. this is me and uriah is the small fish. veronica is the big one.


I FINALLY FOUND THIS GIF. This guy is voiced by lou romano who also voices Linguini in 'Ratatouille'. Later in this scene from the Incredibles, he calls Dash a rat.

OMG what this is supposed to be Lelouch( code geass)???? He looks like kaname Kuran!!!!! From vampire night!!

OMG what this is supposed to be Lelouch( code geass)? He looks like kaname Kuran! From vampire night! <Omg yes he does look like Kaname!


If all soccer players played like this instead of faking injuries, soccer would be a lot more popular