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Vancouver, B.C.  ·  Online math and reading programs for kindergarten to grade 5 students.
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Learning lists the most common silent letter words in the English language.


Learning adds new printable worksheets covering vocabulary.

anxious child

Clinical Counsellor, Sharon Selby, gives Learning parents tips on dealing with school anxiety.

First grade fractions worksheets

Learning has updated its first grade fractions worksheets.

1st grade math number charts

Brand New Grade 1 Math Worksheets

singular indefinite pronouns

Learning's language expert, Laura Payne, helps our kids to stop mistaking singular indefinite pronouns for plural pronouns.

square 3 x 3

Learning explains what square numbers are.

root words

Read the definition of root words and try to explain it in your own words.

Planet kindergarten

Planet Kindergarten by Sue Ganz-Schmitt, illustrated by Shane Prigmore. This clever picture book will prepare young explorers to boldly go where they have never gone before: Planet Kindergarten.

Countable nouns

Teaching your Kids why Non-count Nouns cannot be Pluralized by Numbers

why is it spring

This book explains why we have seasons and when the spring season starts. It also suggests some spring activities that people do as well as what animals may .