Katie Queen

Katie Queen

Damnant Quod Non Intelligunt.
Katie Queen
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Peroxide Blonde. Dreads/Dreadlocks. Baby Bangs. Gauges. THIS GIRL IS SO CUTE.

Products and supplies for every dreadlock stage. We can get set up with products to start your dreads stop the itchies, and maintain your locks.

I love this modern pixie and color.  I would probably be able to rock this style if my hair was a bit thicker.   I am stuck with the spikes.

What are the best short hairstyles for a lively look? The answer will be nothing else except the short pixie haircut. While the short bob hairstyles are quite and lovely for women,the pixie haircuts are more suitable for a sophisticated look. The pixie ha

I like the idea of this too much for my own good. However  I wouldn't buzz the back as short as that and I'd have side swept bangs instead of straight.

this is the perfect solution for midlength hair that's still just so short that you get annoying strands creeping out the bun, Claire Boucher you genius

aqua blue dyed curly hair

Or some mermaid highlights - purple Violet Red Cherry Pink Bright Hair Colour Color Coloured Colored Fire Style curls haircut lilac lavender short long mermaid blue green teal orange hippy boho Pulp Riot

thats a pretty hair color! i want purple cool aid dyed hair. im jus using this as an excuse to talk to u

Purple and blue hair color tied into a waterfall braid. The alternating hair colors makes it look great when braided and let down on the back. It looks sweet and magical at the same time. The wonders of Hair Colors… Continue Reading →