Classroom Management Procedure for Tests in Math Class

Procedure for Test Corrections in Math Class

Best Middle School Math Games and Middle School Math Projects

Best Middle School Math Games and Middle School Math Projects

Modeled after the traditional card game, "Old Maid," students play "Old Math Guy" in groups of 4-5. They will demonstrate that they understand the role of “m” and “b” in y=mx+b by matching linear graphs to their equations written in slope intercept form. But don't be stuck with the Old Math Guy at the end! 34 cards + Old Math Guy (both color and black and white version) included. Answer key included. Brought to you by Free to Discover.

Slope Intercept Form Card Game

Blog Post - fun, challenging activity idea for practicing slope with free download

Teaching Slope - Fun Activity Idea - Math in the Middle

Free Math Assessments or Quizzes for 8th Grade. These 8th Grade Math Quizzes are aligned with the common core math standards. These 8th Grade Math assessments can also be used as quick checks, spiral math review, and progress monitoring.

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Mrs. Hester's Classroom: Unit 1: 8th Grade Math

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Are you frustrated with the sloppiness or disorganization of math homework? Here are some tips to help your students. ~Bon

How to Write Your Math Homework

8th Grade Math: System problems...real world

8th Grade Math: Unit 5

Connect Four: Volume and Surface Area for upper elementary or middle school math! Students must solve volume and surface area problems and connect four spaces in a row on their game board. Topics include volume of rectangular prisms, volume of triangular prisms, volume of pyramids, volume of cones, volume of cylinders, and surface area of rectangular prisms.

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Back to School Math Dot Game- A fun logic game which lets students to review math basics while getting to know each other. One of 13 back to school math activities for the beginning of the school year!

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Use this f.r.e.e. math reflection spinner to get your students writing in math.!

10 Ways to Get Students Writing in Math

If you haven't discovered the Murderous Maths series, it is a great addition to your middle and high school math classroom. Key to getting the less "mathy" students engaged with math concepts. Read more on the blog post...

Everything Ed: Math Mondays: The Marvelous Murderous Maths

Middle School Math Moments (and more!): Playing Exponent War

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Benefits of "Doodle Notes" include increased focus, memory, learning, retention, an even relaxation...

Math Doodle Notes

equation graphic organizer

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Read all about successfully implementing stations as a learning activity in your middle school classroom

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Learning the Equations Behind Pixar Movies *How cool is this Khan Academy + Disney collaboration for kids?!? What a great way to make math cool.

Learning the Equations Behind Pixar Movies

In this worksheet, students will solve 12 two step equations. As they solve each equation, they find their solution in the chart to a color. Students then can

Algebra Solving Two Step Equations Color By Number

Provide your class with anchor charts, standards posters and task cards for every 7th Grade Statistics and Probability standard. The task card activities are great for individual, small group, or whole group instruction and review. Questions about drawing inferences from random samples, measures of center, measures of variation, mean absolute deviation, describing probability of simple events, determining probability of simple events, probability of compound events, and more.

7th Grade Statistics and Probability Unit Resource Bundle

Teaching Students How to Justify Answers in Math - Teaching to Inspire with Jennifer Findley

Teaching Students How to Justify Answers in Math - Teaching to Inspire with Jennifer Findley

The Exponential Curve: Algebra 1: Systems of Equations

The Exponential Curve: Algebra 1: Systems of Equations

Two assessments are included in this product. The pre-assessment contains 20 multiple choice and 8 short answer questions. Each question correlates to an eighth grade math Common Core State Standard. The assessment is a great way to determine what prior knowledge students already have as they enter eighth grade. In order to collect appropriate data to use as evidence of growth, the post-assessment, given at the end of the year, is nearly identical to the pre-assessment. By Free to Discover.

CCSS Grade 8 Math Pre-Assessment and Post-Assessment

Collaborative Problem-Solving in Math - students maintain individual accountability but also practice collaborative and problem-solving skills in a group

Collaborative Problem-Solving in Math

7th Grade Math Review Color and Solve by To the Square Inch- Kate Bing Coners | Teachers Pay Teachers

7th Grade Math Review Color and Solve

Transformations Bundle...Great Value! Guided Notes, Spiraling Practice Pages, Cooperative Learning!

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