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DIY Toiletries

I have really enjoyed trying to make my own toiletries. I love how much money you can save by doing so. Working on getting to a more "green" way of living as well.
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Lavender cloud dough helps soothe, calm, and relax little ones. It is AMAZING the effect this cloud dough has on chilling out kids and refocusing their energies in positive ways. {Great for time out, just before bed time, and anytime you need to calm kids down}


Calming Lavender Cloud Dough ~ Growing A Jeweled Rose

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Homemade Dusting Spray


Homemade Dusting Spray

My granny has done this as long as i can remember. She is now in her mid 70's with no wrinkles! Vitamin E Beauty Secret Tip: Dab on under eyes morning and night to tighten skin


Priceless Heritage: Vitamin E Beauty

All of those years that I bought that darn expensive Clinique makeup remover!!!! I wonder if they have a DIY mascara?


a traveling Wife: DIY Eye Makeup Remover

+++++DIY - Magnesium Body Butter+++++ Taken thru the skin is faster than taken orally!!! ailments such as cramping, headaches, migraines, restless legs, arthritis, colds and flu, anxiety, insomnia, aches and pains, even hair loss!


DIY Magnesium Body Butter - Natural New Age Mum

SINUS BUSTER in a Jar ~ Aromatherapy on the Go. Clear congestion and speed healing.


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Homemade Zit Zapper


Homemade Zit Zapper - Easy Natural Homemade Acne Treatment

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Natural Cold Remedies and Flu Remedies

Got the sniffles or flu? Here are Loads of DIY Natural Cold Remedies and Flu Remedies to help you keep the "bugs" at bay and get feeling better fast! Save money and a trip to the store by using what you have in your pantry to get healthier.


Natural Cold Remedies and Flu Remedies


Pillow Thought: Fun Find {160 uses for Coconut Oil}